Wednesday, August 12, 2009

N. Lacie Abell " Red Trees in Winter"

When in Doubt, Let it Out
A self-confessed 'Late Bloomer", I have brought much of my long past to my present, and artwork is no exception. The tricky part is leaving the baggage behind and pulling the treasures forward!
With a difficult childhood, I developed the bad habit of negative self-talk, reminding myself too often of how I had missed the mark, fell short of expectations and simply made "too many mistakes". I occasionally struggle with it still, but God has blessed me with the wisdom to recognize it. One of the advantages of age is that we can recognize this for what it is, and work with it, and, perhaps, turn it into an advantage.
The treasure I pulled forward in order to create this piece is a lifetime of "working around" challenges. My local color studies of this state park on the columbia River left me bored, so I decided to put doubt away and "let it out" by tweaking the palette, changing the paper and breaking a few rules.
Sometimes, in order to remain positive in life (or art, politics, music etc.) one has to break a few rules.
N. Lacie Abell
"Red Trees in winter"
Soft Pastel