Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Christopher Davis

I grew up about five miles from the ocean in Southern California, where to find snow you had to make an effort and make an effort we did from time to time. Then when I was in my twenties I lived in Minneapolis for a few years. Now this is a place where snow is a way of life and once it falls in November it’s on the ground until April. It was there that I learned that a sunny day does not necessarily mean a warm day, usually quite the opposite. I also learned the way snow changes the way we see and hear things, the way we experience the world, and the way it can challenge us in our daily activities. I now live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, which resides in a nice place between the constant summer of Southern California and the extreme winters of Minnesota. Here snow falls in winter but usually doesn’t stay on the ground for long. It stays just long enough to enjoy the beauty of its falling, to alter our landscape for a brief time and make usually easy routines a little more challenging. I especially love the way it dampens sound. This is one Southern California boy who has learned to love the seasons
Christopher Davis
Digital Photography
December 2008