Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rodricia Tilley "Crows Over the Corn"

I was born and grew up in this decidedly rural and remote Pennsylvania county.  I returned over three decades ago to raise a family and set up my studio here.  Despite my background and roots, I often feel quite at odds with the politics and aesthetics sensibilities of my neighbors; some of whom toss trash on the sides of the scenic back roads where I  love to paint.  Often I set up my easel near farmland and do not see another soul during the brief couple of hours I am there working.  I enjoy this solitude and peace.  I also enjoy the times that the farmer stops his or her pickup truck and takes a moment from their busy schedule to admire my painting...or occasionally to tell me that I "forgot" to include some detail or other...or to invite me to see the fabulous view from the top of the silo!  Those times I realize that we have different ways of working, but we both have a love of the land.  we can both appreciate the new willow leaves, the approaching rain clouds and a pink sunset.  we share a life that keeps us out of doors looking around and sniffing the wind.  the landscape is or common bond.
Rodrica Tilley
Age: 62
Crows Over the Corn
Pastel 12 x 16
MArch 2009