Friday, July 3, 2009

Gretchen Rohde "Ware Walk Pond"

This beaver pond off the White River in North Central Washington has been a favorite painting spot since my first visit there in 2001. In 2004 it was officially named Ware Walk Pond, after a local longtime resident of the area, Mary Ware, who discovered the pond in the 1940's. Mary Ware and her husband John were full time residents of the Lake Wenatchee area, John being the USFS Ranger through the 1950's until John's death in 1995. When Mary died in 2007, I made a visit to the pond and found the pond drained dry. This painting was done in June of 2009, and I was so thrilled to see all the water back in the pond ( thanks to the local beaver population).
What a perfect day to paint - the water back in Mary's pond, the sun out the birds singing and the great feeling of pushing oil paint around.
Gretchen Rohde
Age: 60
"Ware Walk Pond"
Oil on panel 12" x 9"
June, 2009