Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bill McEnroe "Heliotrope"

" ...I began writing free form prose poetry about my paintings a couple of summers ago.  The process seems to solidify my raison d' etre for making paintings.  It began with a series that
had as a theme BC Art or Cave Man Art, and I thought it would be interesting if I could use one art form - words - to explain another art form - paint.
Heliotrope, daughter of the village smithy,
one of many,
-all named above their caste-
was a child of another time.

A nonconformist, and a drop-out
  In a heart beat
    She would vanish into nature
      exploring wild, majestic places,
        seldom seen and never tamed.

Her greatest joy was to disrobe, run there naked, unafraid,
    luxuriating in the heat of summer's sun,
        an illicit lover's touch upon her teen age skin.

One day she saw a bear.......

Bill McEnroe
Age: 87
Soft Pastel, 20" x 20"
October 19, 2008